Wriggly Tin Farm

Wriggly Tin Farm is a rustic family homestead based in the hamlet of Quorn in the Flinders Ranges. Bec and Frank produce an abundance of homegrown produce for their family, but also enjoy caring for their small hive of bees, that provide them with small batches of beautiful, coldpressed unfiltered honey. To share their honey with locals they wanted a logo and label that reflected the warmth and relaxed nature of their farm and the premium nature of their limited release.

The ‘W’ of the logo was inspired by the old fashion labels of which they are fond and incorporated the wriggly edge of the corrugated iron the farm is named after. The icon drawings have a handmade quality that alludes to the rustic home grown nature of their little farm and the words ‘Wriggly Tin’ look rustic and earthy.

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