Wirraminna Care

Wirraminna Care (formerly Abbeyfield) is a small, community aged care facility, run by dedicated community members working and volunteering together to create an award-winning, intimate and caring aged care facility.

Formerly Abbeyfield, Wirraminna needed to create a new brand that reflected the caring and loving service they were known for whilst introducing their new name.

I wanted to create an icon that could be versatile for use on marketing material but also capture the attributes Wirraminna Care are known for. To identify with the original meaning of the word ‘Wirraminna’; field of wattle; I have created a sprig of wattle that embraces the icon to create the ‘W‘, alluding to the cradling, and nurturing nature of the Wirraminna community.

The font is an old-type serif face to give a sense of the traditional to appeal to the 50+ year old audience who will be considering putting their elderly parents in care. I have kept the text in lower case to make it feel friendly, inviting and young, alluding to the idea that it is not just a community of seniors, but also involves the young in caring interaction.

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