South Coast Funerals

South Coast Funerals are a family owned business located on the South Coast of South Australia. They needed a new brand that reflected the compassion, care and dignity that they offer those who have lost loved ones.

As I designed this brand I wanted to convey the feeling of peace that someone might have as they sit on the beach remembering their loved one, being comforted by the breeze in the dune grass and the sound of the sea. The beach, a prominent feature of the South Coast, is a place you can clear your thoughts and find hope for the future.

The gently swaying dune grass in the logo creates a forward motion, whilst the circle, represent the ‘circle’ or ‘completion’ of life. ‘Funeral’ has been rendered in an old typeface to give the feeling of an ‘established’ and ‘trusted’ friend, with the hand written script of ‘South coast’ adding warmth and friendliness to the logo.

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