Relish the Barossa

It was a pleasure to work with Relish the Barossa to create the brand for their new business back in 2016. At the time the logo was created, Relish was a contract food manufacturer that produced a range of products for other well known brands. The products they produced included, Jams, spreads, marinades, chutneys and soups.

The concept of this logo was to highlight that Relish was responsible for the production of various products, but labelled by other business. ‘Relish‘ appears across the labels of all these products, alluding to the fact that they made the product labelled by others; in a sense they were the brand behind the labels. I wanted to keep this logo clean and simple to reflect the nature of the business which simplified the production process for their customers in a clean and efficient way. Relish sits on the right of the logo, to give it movement suggesting the moving process through production. Black is strong and bold

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