I was excited to work with Sami from Blanche box on the evolving of the Polymetals brand. Polymetals already had a brand that they loved but it was not working for them in all the areas they needed it to. Their design did align with their purpose, but no longer represented the expertise and innovation that had originally established the company. To help enhance the brand we tweaked and polished it ready to relaunch into the market.

In creating the updated brand we simplified the tear drop, so that the space between the droplets is even, to better represent the equitable approach Polymetals foster, promoting the mutual benefit they hope to encourage.

We chose a strong slab serif, which is modern and friendly whilst suggesting that Polymetals is an established company. The ‘y’ and the ‘m’ flow together to symbolise the connection that Polymetals has with the land and its people; stone and earth; highlighting the partnerships Polymetals creates.

The 3 colours represent the land and people (khaki), stone and earth (stone grey) and precious metals (gold). At the core of Polymetals business is gold, and it is also the centre of the icon. The richness at the heart of Polymetals. In stationery and printed material the gold at the centre of the icon will be represented with foil.

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