Pipis of Rye

The brief was to create a luxury beach brand that appealed to fashion conscious women between the ages of 25-45. Our customer wanted the design to express the fun, fresh and happy vibe of beach life whilst being simple enough to be recognisable and easy to reproduce.

The feature of the brand I created is the Metallic Sun Orchid, which is a rare and treasured beautiful flower found on the south coast of Australia, including the Mornington Peninsular near Rye. This beautiful native orchid was chosen to suggest that the products at ‘Pipis of Rye’ are rare, unique and beautiful. The icon is feminine to appeal to the female audience of the brand and also suggest luxury and beauty. The orchid can be used independent of the logo on marketing material as a design element.

The font used for ‘Pipis’, Lust, is full, feminine and elegant yet bold and confident. ‘Of rye’ is depicted in a smaller font as it is of less importance to the brand and is rendered in a wistful script to allude to the relaxed nature of summers at the beach. No capital letters have been used, giving the brand an informal and youthful feel.

The brand colours were inspired by a photograph by Peter Yan, and reflect the ocean waves, sun, and sand of Rye. 

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