One Eight Accounting

I enjoy looking back over my previous work every so often. It’s a healthy part of the design process, considering where my skills have grown over the years and where I need to improve. In a recent walk down memory lane I stumbled across this project from 2013, and was please to discover that after almost 8 years, this logo is still on point.

As I was creating this brand for One Eight Accounting, I wanted the design to be simple with a modern twist. Being an accounting firm, they wanted the design to be professional and simple whilst still highlighting their core business, which is of course numbers… what else are accountants good at if not numbers? To emphasise this I used an 8 to replace the ‘g’ and the upright of the ‘n’ became a ‘1’ so that the ‘18’ is visible as a numerical value as well as a word. 18 is also the number of the property where the office is located.

I chose the colour green which is calming as I wanted to convey the idea that when you leave One Eight Accounting, you’re calm because you know that all your finances are in order and in good hands. The ‘18’ was also used independently as a design feature in various applications.

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