Lime Solutions

In 2016, I had the pleasure of working with Grant Hermann from Lime Solutions to create the Lime Solutions brand. Lime Solutions specialises in the delivery of Defence Services especially relating to aircraft capabilities, intelligence surveillance and electronic warfare. The Lime Solutions team have strong egineering backgrounds and provide tailored approaches to problem solving. They needed a brand that reflected their mission and values and which spoke to their audience of defence, government, engineering and logistics.

This icon is based around the idea of simplifying complexity, which is the tagline adopted. The icon begins complex with the three lines representing each of the partners overlapping and intertwining, just as each of the partners roles when employed separately overlap and cross-over to achieve tailored solutions for their customers. Through employing Lime Solutions, the process is simplified, the three lines come out of the complex problem working along side each other towards a common goal. The darker blue was chosen to give a sense of strength and professionalism and appeals to the 50+ male audience. The teal is a complimentary and the lime alludes to the company name. 3 colours have been used to represent the founding partners.

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