La Dance Circle

Kelsey from Ballet Per Se was referred to me by the RDA B2B team as she needed a new business name and brand. Having been a dancer for the Ballet Per Se studio, she was now taking up the reigns and needed a refresh.

Sami from Blanche Box used her strategic marketing skills to create the new business name ‘La Dance Circle‘. La is the french feminine term for ‘the’, Dance is the key identifying word to let the consumer know about the offering and Circle represents the friendships formed, the holistic approach and sense of community that is offered when joining the dance school.

The design of the brand flowed from the new business name. The circle symbolises the holistic style of La dance circle and is completed by the ‘d’ to show that it is the dance that embraces La dance circle dancers in community and friendship. The fonts chosen are clean and legible whilst open and welcoming. To add a sense of the premium quality of La dance circle, the circle and ‘d’ of the icon are in gold. In the future there will be option of using a gold foil or metallic on premium stationary or signage to add a touch of elegance. 

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