Kids Unite

‘We love our branding and we always get so many comments on it. 
Thank you so much’

Paula – Kids Unite

I designed the Kids Unite brand to appeal to health professionals and families looking for educational toys and products to help children learn and grow through play. The playful icon portrays the common bond children have, in their need to play, learn and grow.

Children are unique which is signified by the different colours, angles and variety of boys and girls. The different angles give a sense of movement like play and the shapes reflect the age old paper cutting games we played as children, highlighting the hands on activities so often shared with parents and friends.

Bright colours give the logo a sense of fun, light hearted creativity, whilst the clean simple font of ‘kids unite’ is designed to appeal to professional audiences such as educators and referring doctors. The hand-written font used for ‘play. learn. grow.’ gives the logo a playful feel and alludes to the hands on nature of the products Kids Unite offer.

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