Hume Riverina Community Legal Annual Report 2020/21

For a number of years, I have been working with the team from Hume Hume Riverina Community Legal to create their annual report. This year was once again a pleasure as the process was smooth, organised and timely.

“Amy has been effectively creating our Annual Report for a number of years. It’s a huge relief when Amy agrees to carry out the design work for us each year. We look forward to working with her each time because the process is smooth, and we appreciate how she consistently communicates and carries through fully on her commitment to us. Amy understands our needs, how our workplace operates with shifting priorities, and she can be flexible as required. Her creative input has ensured our report looks professional and fresh every time.” 

Simon Crase – Community Development Manager HRCLS

Do you need an annual report published for your business? Get in touch, I’d be pleased to help.

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