Holly Ratcliff Speech Pathology

In 2017 I had the privilege of creating this corporate identity for Holly Ratcliff Speech Pathology.

I designed this logo to be fun yet professional; appealing to the dual audiences of parents and professionals. Speech bubbles represent the heads of the children to highlight the mind/psychology connection to speech pathology. The icon concept illustrates that communication is at the heart of speech pathology, with the two figures facing each other and communicating through speech. The icon figures are also holding hands to give a feeling of community, warmth, and support.

I chose blue as it is the colour of intelligence, communication and trust. Blue is a soothing colour as it calms the mind and aids in concentration and green is the colour of restoration, reassurance and restfulness. I’ve contrasted these colours with a strong navy blue to give the logo a professional feel, appealing to the medical audience.

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