Bon Chevon

In 2016 I worked with Tracey from Bon Chevon to create their new brand. Located in the Barossa Valley, Bon Chevon produce premium quality goat meat on their beautiful property and needed a brand that reflected the fresh and home grown nature of their family business.

I created the logo to have a classic feel to appeal to the homey, wholesome nature of the brand, whilst giving the brand a sense of freshness and gourmet quality. I chosen to use a silouette of the goat in a ‘proud’ upright stance to suggest pride in the quality of the product. The font is an old typeface to give the logo a sense of ‘establishment’, and to allude to the traditional and homey style of ‘grandmas’ cooking.

For the tag line I used a loose script font to make the logo friendly and ‘homemade’. The logo works well in black, and gives the brand flexibility in application and can work well with an earthy colour palette.

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