bizeez communications

bizeez communications supports and trains the food, wine and tourism industries in digital marketing. The concept of the logo is ‘knowledge transfer’. The icon is made up of speech and thought bubbles, to show that by speaking, Bizeez transfers knowledge to their customers. Where the symbols overlap they create a richer blue showing that the combination of Bizeez advice and customer knowledge leads to a rich strategy for business growth.

The lowercase san-serif typeface suggests stability, unbiased, friendly and the approachable service they are offering. The speech bubble and ‘biz’ are green to indicate that bizeez does the speaking, whilst the thought bubble and ‘eez’ are purple to suggest that the customers thoughts about their business will be at ease due to bizeez’s advice. The use of the colour green suggests calmness, health, freshness and serentity, whilst the purple suggests wisdom and creativity and is often used in education.

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