Barossa Village

In 2016 I had the pleasure of working with Daniella Hongell on the new branding for Barossa Village.

In creating the brand I wanted to keep the logo sophisticated yet modern, to appeal to the Baby Boomer generation who are their key audience. The icon resembles the roofs of a village and represents the community they embrace and support. The roofs also create upward arrows that give movement to the logo and speak of the forward looking and innovative mission of Barossa Village. There is variety in the level of the houses to suggest the differenct styles of accomodation on offer.

The Yellow roof is a focal point and suggests bright future directions. The yellow roof also suggests that Barossa Village stands out from the crowd.

The heart in the icon links the icon to the tagline ‘people at our heart’ and reminds us that at the heart of Barossa Village is the desire to care for and nurture the ageing community.

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