Back Beach Lane

Back Beach Lane sell beach products designed to make time at the beach easy, hence the tagline “making holidays easy”. Their range includes practical beach items such as towels, umbrellas, beach coolers, toys and trolleys. The Audience for the brand is woman aged between 25 – 45, with a higher than average income, who are practical beach lovers that enjoy holidays at the beach with their families. The brand should convey the brand values; fun, easy, reliable functional and long lasting.

To meet the brief, I created this master Back Beach Lane logo in black and white to convey the sense that the brand is ‘no nonsense’, practical and functional. The text icon stands independently as the master logo, which is complimented in marketing material and social collateral by the icon. I chose a classic font with a modern twist, with the ‘ch’ in ‘beach’ flowing together resembling a wave and alluding to the surf. The font is strong but fun, suggesting reliability and function whilst being fun and easy. 

I modelled the simple icon on the beach at Rye, Victoria, the home of Back Beach Lane. The lines creating the coastline in the icon can also be interpreted as tyre tracks in the sand dunes, or the edges of a lane. The symbol could also be interpreted as waves in the surf rolling onto the shore.

The black and white logo can appear in any of the pallet colours, which have been sampled from a photograph of the surf, giving the brand seasonal and trend flexibility.

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