Artisan’s Haat

It was a delight to work with Artisan’s Haat to create their new brand.

Artsans Haat aims to bring the experience of an Indian marketplace to its customers, offering high quality products hand-crafted by Indian Artisans which have been sourced by their expert team. With one of their founders having experience as an Indian social worker, it is important to them that they source their product directly from the artisans who make the products, visiting their suppliers and making sure that their practices are fair and equitable.

In creating this brand I chose to use a mandala as the icon because it is recognisable as an Indian design feature to appeal to their main audience and identify the source of the products. The mandala incorporates the ‘shaking hands’ to represent fair trade and hand made. As the hands move around the circle they symbolise working together in a fair and balanced way. The heart symbolises that Artisan’s Haat is socially aware and compassionate. A modern serif face adds elegance to the design whilst not being too traditional with adjustments inspired by Sanskrit. The rich colour pallet is reflective of Indian markets with purple and gold suggesting high quality premium products.


  • Brand concepts
  • Logo package including .eps, .png and .jpeg files
  • Style guide detailing brand colours, fonts and usage guidelines

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