Acme Care & Support

When I was asked to work with Acme on the branding for their new business I was delighted, however I recognised that specialised industries such as health and NDIS require expertise knowledge and informed marketing. I invited them to get in touch with Blanche Box, an Adelaide based brand and marketing boutique specialising in the health and well-being marketing space.

Blanche Box worked with Acme to understand their values and purpose, and provided a researched design brief that represented Acme’s values and understood their audience.

The strong font chosen conveys trust and in lower case gives a sense of approachability. ‘Me’ is accented in green to signal that Acme’s service is all about their customer (me). The icon is comprised of 3 symbols, the stethoscope, heart and cross which combined represent the peak (acme) of medical knowledge and care. The stethoscope embraces the heart and shows that Acme applies their medical knowledge and care to the client (me) represented by the green dot at the end of the stethoscope, the focus point of their service. The green resembles nursing scrubs to represent Acme’s acute nursing experience.

Starting with a well researched brand brief ensures that your brand achieves its goals, and sometimes you just need to reach out to industry specific experts like Blanche Box.

“No one else could have done it better than you Amy… It’s amazing how you brought out the smallest details in the logo representing every aspect of the brand. Great work” – Acme Care & Support

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