Accelerate Laser Weight Loss

It was a pleasure to work with Accelerate Laser Weight Loss on their branding.

Accelerate Laser Weight Loss’ laser therapy is TGA-approved. This means they offer a medical procedure, not a cosmetic one. They seek to promote a holistic service and endeavour to provide motivation and knowledge to support their customers towards long-term healthier lifestyles and weight loss. The new brand needed to clearly reflect the suite of services offered whilst being professional, clean and modern. The design needed to appeal to their dominant audience of females aged between 30-55, whilst not alienating males who may also be interested in their product.

Design rationale:

The key concept behind the Accelerate Laser Weight Loss logo is transformation, hence the icon of the butterfly. The body of the butterfly is in the form of a healthy slim woman, flying forward, to show movement and acceleration toward healthy lifestyle and life goals. The three colours of the pallet represent the three areas that Accelerate Laser Weight Loss employ to bring about their customers transformation; the Emerald laser, dietician support and gym training.

The design is supported by the colour pallet which is cool, calm and professional to give the brand a medical/health ambiance, rather than that of the beauty and cosmetic industry. The selected green resembles the Emerald laser which is the primary service offered and the navy conveys trust and professionalism.

The strong modern font gives the viewer the sense that the company is modern and professional.


  • Presentation of logo concepts
  • Logo package including .eps, .jpeg and .png files
  • Styleguide with instruction for fonts, colours and logo use guidelines

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